And Just Like That…

WARNING Spoilers ahead!!!

Carrie and the ladies are back (minus Samantha) and it was everything I needed it to be. Well maybe not quite everything I needed, (RIP Big) but it came damn close.

I’m not here to recap. If you watched the original, you’ll likely give this one a try. You can draw your own conclusions, just like I did. According to differing opinions I’ve read, people either love it or they don’t. Like at all.

I, am one of those who absolutely loved it. I hear so many people, including the New York Times panning it. Top complaints include, “it was too heavy” “we need to laugh, after the pandemic” “it’s awkward” etc.

Okay, fair enough I guess. Everyone is free to have their point of view. So here my friends, is mine.

The original Sex and the City was and continues to be present in my life. I can watch an episode any time of day, any place for any reason. I’ve watched the original full series probably twenty times over. You can watch when you’re happy. You can watch when you’re sad. Most of all, you can watch when you’re feeling lonely and it’s like hanging out with old friends.

So here’s where the complaints baffle me. I read that people think Miranda is too awkward. Umm hellooooo, Miranda was always awkward kids. That’s who she is. I mean this is the woman whose speech caught on fire at Charlotte and Harry’s wedding. The chick who got braces at thirty something and then ran around with food stuck in her teeth.

For those of you that miss Samantha, me included, they explain her absence pretty realistically. And although yes she should’ve been in episode two, because Samantha never would’ve missed that life event, it’s not real life. It’s TV and actors won’t always return for the sake of a storyline. Blame Kim Cattrall for god sake.

And yes, so sadly, they killed off Big. As much as this is horrible and I cried my baby eyes out, guess what? People die. In real life and on TV. And especially when you reach your fifties. Characters evolve. Things change. They’re OLDER now. They’re dealing with all sorts of different issues. Just like we are. People were pissed that it wasn’t a laugh a minute. I’m quite sure though we’ll see the funny side of fifty plus in upcoming episodes. Incidentally, I laughed out loud quite a few times.

By the way, the show was never only a funny show. It always had many poignant moments. In fact my favorite one, season 4 episode 18, “I Heart NY” is one of those. I’ve seen it no less than 50 times.

So why am I writing this and why do I care? Well like I said, for me, this show is like a old friend, one that I’m fiercely protective of. For people worried about it being too serious, I think you’re taking it all too seriously. Let it grow. It will most definitely be green lit for a second season, and you know you’re going to watch. Sometimes when you haven’t seen someone for many years, things change. I kind of get the feeling you’re the same people who panned the first archaic episodes of Sex and the City, but then grew to love it.

If you really can’t love it just to love it, then give it a hot minute okay?

Mom of Three but especially the middle child…

Yesterday I moved my middle child into college. Breathe with me moms because you know, like I do, what an exceptionally hard thing this is to do. I’m not saying its just hard to move the middle kid in, all kids are equally difficult. There’s just something though about my middle one that’s always broken my cold black heart.

Since the days of preschool, my Ethan has always had a hard time transitioning. Whether they left art or the playground, it was difficult for him. This has definitely played a part in his life. A 9/11 generation baby, he came into the world during an unsure, frightening time. I was four months pregnant and I can’t help but wonder if my feelings about the uncertainty of the world, somehow rubbed off on him in the womb.

Regardless, this child grew up and made his way in the world. No matter how difficult things were for him, and believe me, they were, he persevered. He was raised in a privileged home. No need to beat around the bush, he was. Ethan went to a phenomenal Jewish preschool. It was a small school, mostly comprised of Jewish children in the neighborhood. They taught him kindness and the love of singing. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better place for my sweet, mostly unsure, two year old. Bet Shira preschool shaped his life. His elementary school days in public school were mostly happy ones filled with friends and good times. The salad days.

So, the middle school days came about and my shy, sweet boy found drama. The boy who was scared of a lot, somehow managed to score a lead in the sixth grade play. And let me tell you, he KILLED it.

From that moment on he was a success on the stage. Killed every middle school show and went on to high school drama. As a freshman he earned the role of Jack in Into The Woods and it went from there. As a junior Ethan was Man In Chair, the lead in The Drowsy Chaperone. The show was a smash and got to go to the High School state Drama competition where they performed in front of 3000 people. They KILLED it.

To make a little bit of a long story short, Ethan graduated. He graduated during a pandemic. So just as he was a 9/11 baby, he was a Covid senior. Honestly how strange that a baby coming into this world during an uncertain time then ended another huge phase of life, in a similar situation. Surreal. After a lot of stress and many auditions at his top schools (before Covid) he got accepted at Tisch, a famed NYU acting school. Tisch and his studio, Stella Adler has birthed some of the most famous performers you have ever heard of. Including Robert Deniro, Diana Ross & Martin Sheen.

So that brings me to now. I’ve just settled him in at NYU. Taking a kid to college during a pandemic is strange to say the VERY least. But I’m fortunate that he was able to move in, during this time & experience something as opposed to only online school at home.

Listen, New York City is not easy. Even visiting beats the crap out of you. Will it always be easy? No. Will he succeed in the acting world? Who knows? But as the saying goes, if he can make it there, he can make it anywhere.


MPSH’s Smash Hit returns!

Last years smash spring musical The Drowsy Chaperone is returning to Miami Palmetto Senior High November 8th & 9th. This show which originally debuted on Broadway in 2006 is surely not to be missed. From Bob Martin & Don McKellar, it’s a hysterical trip though Man in Chair’s mind as he listens to an album of his favorite show. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! Okay maybe you won’t cry but I promise you, you will laugh!

Robin Barson, Palmetto’s Drama teacher decided to bring Drowsy back this fall after it was so popular last spring. Ms. Barson, the troupe and the Panther Parent Theater booster have been working tirelessly to assure a packed house for the November dates. The show stars Troupe 1298, featuring Ethan Rousso as Man in Chair, Shelby Wasserman as Drowsy, Katie Diez as Janet Van De Graff & Jake Zimmelman as Robert Martin.

Many of these hardworking kids have been acting together since sixth grade. Please come out and support Troupe 1298 and Miami Palmetto Senior High School, November 8th and 9th at 6:30. Tickets are only $5.00 and the show is suitable for all ages.

Hello, I’m baaaaacccckkk

Hello and happy Saturday to all! As a lot of you know, I love my As Seen On TV products. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I grew up in the era of Ronco and the Mr.  Microphone or I’m just a sucker for an infomercial at 2 am. Whatever the case may be, I’ve decided that it’s something I should definitely write about. So, I’ve ordered some products and I’ll be letting you know what I think in the weeks ahead. Note to the people and dogs who live with me, none of you are safe from participating in my little experiment.


In reality TV this week, today marks day 23 of 1,460 of Trump’s presidency. Puts shit into perspective doesn’t it? If it weren’t our lives at stake, this would be the best damn reality show ever. It’s literally minute to minute with him.

Anyway, all of Bravo TV is new this week, and Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills should be a good one. I can’t wait to see Kyle confront Lisa Rinna. I mean how many times is Rinna going to stir the pot and then find a way to blame someone else? I’m not a giant fan of Eden Sassoon but you know Rinna is going to throw her ass right under that bus. I think Kyle is pretty accurate in saying it’s time for Rinna to zip her lips.


I’m happy to see that many of you have come around regarding Summer House. I told you so! It’s like a Long Island Railroad wreck. I’m getting Southern Charm deja vu here remembering how many people hated it at first. How can a house full of drunk people not be fun to watch?

In actual TV, we just started watching The Detour on TBS.  I know what you’re thinking. TBS, really? But yes really! Season two premieres February 21st but season one is available on demand now. We were literally crying with laughter.

I’ve just finished binging The Crown on Netflix. The show is based on Queen Elizabeth II and how the death of her father put her on the throne. Just beware because once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop.

A delightful weekend to all and be on the lookout for my As Seen on TV series.



From IzziB to Chloe

Coming up on a year soon. Couldn’t resist reposting

TBB Reality

Our newest family member, Chloe, is helping to ease our pain. Our newest family member, Chloe, is helping to ease our pain.

By Lesley Rousso (@mommyrou)

When Sonja Morgan held a service for her beloved dog Millou, some Real Housewives of New York City fans sympathized, some snickered. In August, our beloved goldendoodle Isabella passed away and we were just devastated. For those of you ridiculed that RHONY episode, or are right now saying, “It’s just a dog”, clearly you’ve never loved a dog. Warning: this piece, by the way, may not be for you.

Izzi’s sickness started innocently enough.  She threw up a couple of times and seemed lethargic. I thought maybe she ate something that didn’t agree with her, but soon she seemed to have very little appetite at all. Then I noticed something that scared the shit out of me; her eyes were yellow, so was her skin, and her gums. Jaundice, a sign of liver disease, is what I…

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Skinnygirl vs Tipsy Girl


imagePhoto courtesy of Page Six


By Lesley Rousso


Well hello there, it’s been a while since I’ve taken pen to paper but I really felt like I must address this. Last night on The Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan introduced us to her latest business venture, Proseco she calls, Tipsy Girl. This is wrong on quite a few levels, in my opinion. Not stating the obvious just yet, does Sonja really need to be involved in yet another business? Let us not forget the toaster oven that she did a photo shoot for, yet never got around to manufacturing an actual toaster. Hey, I guess she had some great pics for her scrapbook, but come on now.  Next up for Lady Morgan was her fashion line, Sonja Morgan New York. I just checked out the website. Currently there are only a handful of items that haven’t been “sold out”. The least expensive item selling for $195.00. I don’t know about you but if I’m spending that much on a top, it’s not going to be from Sonja Morgan. In January, Miss Morgan, according to the NY Daily News announced she had plans to open a restaurant called Tipsy. She’s apparently hoping to get a show, ala LVP, out of it. Wait, there’s also Sonja in the City, a catering business.  I checked out the website and quite frankly it seems to be another excuse for a photo shoot. If anyone out there has actually used Sonja to cater their party, please let me know.

So now it comes down to Tipsy Girl. For the love of god, how did she think Bethenny Frankel would not be pissed? In next weeks preview, we see our resident Skinnygirl telling Lady Morgan off. Bethenny tells her that Tipsy Girl is a cheater brand, she takes it as a personal insult and wants nothing to do with Sonja. According to the Daily News, Bethenny filed documents to block the name Tipsy Girl and attempted to register the name herself so Sonja couldn’t use it. Now clearly, she’s not worried about Sonja surpassing her, she just doesn’t want her riding Skinnygirl’s coattails.

Poor Sonja just can’t seem to get it together. I actually feel sorry for her. Especially in light of Ramona Singer spilling the tea last night on Watch What Happens Live. Wonder what happened between the former besties that prompted Ramona to speak so poorly of Sonja. Whatever it is, it’s certainly proving to be an interesting season. Stay tuned…

A Very Jewish Christmas

This is a reblog of a piece I posted on TBBReality two years ago.


So I’m sure some of you have seen my Christmas pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For those of you who don’t know me well, you’re probably wondering why the girl who was posting pics from her sons Bar Mitzvah six months ago is now posting pictures of a Christmas tree. Well, my husband is a Jewish New Yorker, as are his parents, who now live in Miami. My Mom and her family are Jews. Obviously I am, as are my children and my sister and her family. So why Christmas? Well, we celebrate it for someone who wasn’t Jewish and doesn’t attend anymore. That person, is my father. My dad passed away almost eleven years ago. He went into the hospital December 10, 2002 and didn’t leave there until a few days into 2003.

Let me give you a little back story here. Christmas was our thing, my dad and I. Every year we went, just us, to get the tree. We both had silly santa hats with our names on them, that my Papa Alex (also a jew!) bought for us when I was seven. Every Christmas Eve, we wore those hats while opening presents. We did the Eve in our house because my dad was Italian and that’s how his family always did it. Every year we ate deli, lots of corned beef and Pastrami and exchanged gifts. As “Head Elf” I would find a present, give it to him, he would read the tag and I would deliver it. I did it as a child, I did it as a rotten teenager, and I did it twice preggo, and always with my hat. For those of you who know me, you know I have a big head. I have no clue how that hat fit me all those years and still fits me to this day. It’s like the sisterhood of the traveling hat. Unbeknownst to me, the last Christmas we would all spend together was 2001, and I was seven months pregnant with Ethan. Now I don’t recall much, every Eve was similar, but there are two things that stick out in my mind. One was that he was laughing at how many tollhouse cookies I consumed in one sitting. The other was that he was looking down at this hand rubbing it, like it was hurting him. I remember feeling a little sense of doom right then. It just bothered me. An inkling of what was to come perhaps. It has stuck with me all these years, I can picture it clearly right now.

The next year, like I said, my dad entered the hospital and my mom was not up to having Christmas in her home. She was insistent, however, that we have it still and we all agreed. My dad was not conscious at that point, and he was the type who would’ve told us to get off our asses, cut the crap and just do it. Until that time, I had planned not to have a tree, we were raising our children Jewish. I figured we would just do Christmas at my parents’ house. By this time, we were all so spent from spending every second at the hospital, that we really needed this. I decided to host the holiday. My mom went out and bought a little fake tree, because by the time we decided to do it there were no trees left.

So began, our new tradition. The following year Darren, the kids and I went out and bought a tree. My mom passed over all the ornaments to me and we bought some of our own too. We had the whole family over and continued on, as my father would have wanted. Everything is basically the same, we still get deli, and it’s still a bunch of Jews sitting around celebrating. The adults all draw names now though and everyone gets something for the kids. The kids get for everyone, which is hysterical, as the presents prove to be very interesting. My father in law got a GIANT alarm clock from Ethan this year. I’m still cracking up about it.

So yes, things are different, but still very much the same. I have passed on the job of head elf to my kids. I now serve as “Santa”. I gave Max my original hat, and I glittered his name on the other side. I took my dad’s hat, put my name on it, the other side still reading Michael. It’s bittersweet for me every year but I adore sharing this same silliness with my kids. For us, Christmas doesn’t mean anything religious, but I respect those for whom it does. For us it’s about family getting together and having fun. Oh and lots of laughing, always tons of laughing in this house.

It’s That Time Again

By Lesley Rousso

Tomorrow, for those of us in Miami-Dade county a magical thing is going to happen. It’s the first day of school! Now nobody loves the summer more than I do. Running around in bathing suits, going to the beach, vacationing, its the best. This summer was no exception. We had a fabulous trip to SoCal and did all of our favorite things there. The weather is so gorgeous in Cali, it should be illegal. For me to be able to run outdoors for three miles without stopping is a big thing. Those of you who workout with me know this to be the truth. I am not a fan of running, I only do it because I must. All that aside, we came back to paradise (?) to rain, lots of rain, millions of Mosquitos and ungodly hot temperatures.

Darren and I went to Atlantis in the Bahamas with our friends for a crazy weekend. That’s all I can say about that because if I reveal any details, I’ll have to kill you. I will tell you we learned to speak Klingon. Don’t ask, you’re better off not knowing.

My kids did their things, camp, swimming, hanging out with friends etc. It was all fun and games until camp ended. Dun dun dunnnnnn. People are constantly complaining about the cost of camp but honestly I spend way more money when they’re at home. My spawns, oops I mean offspring enjoy going out to lunch. I’m not talking Taco Bell here either. I’m talking real restaurants. Seventy-five dollars later and we’re off to bowling or a movie where I spend at least fifty dollars. No matter how many ridiculous school supplies and uniforms I have to buy for them, I save money when they’re at school. Now of course we had great times without spending a dime. We went in the pool. We took bike rides in a hundred degrees, we baked and cooked together, and we had a ball just watching movies and playing video games. Yes, me playing video games. Betcha didn’t see that one coming. At least those of you who don’t know me up close and personally.

So the end of our sleeping til nine and lazy summer days are almost over. It’s back to business tomorrow and that’s okay. As much as I loathe shopping for them, I love me some brand new school supplies and I love a new backpack. Tomorrow they start a new chapter. I’m back to three schools and it’s bittersweet as my first born begins, yikes, High School. It’s new teachers and friends and another year of activities. Back to carpool and pick up and drop off. My middle son becomes a Bar Mitzvah this year and so the planning begins. Busy busy busy but I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. It’s my job and honestly what I was born to do. Wishing everyone, whether it’s tomorrow or after Labor Day a wonderful 2014-2015 school year. xoxo


My Most Important Job

My latest on TBBreality

TBB Reality

imageBy Lesley Rousso

I’m a stay at home Mom by choice and by circumstance, and I consider myself lucky.  I’ve been married to my attorney husband for almost fifteen years.  We have three children, two boys; thirteen and eleven, and a girl who is seven.  From a very young age all I ever wanted to be was a mommy.  Well, also a fashion designer, veterinarian and movie star but those were just phases.  Being a mom always remained consistent.

I had my first child at twenty-seven, and dove in.  Needless to say it was a lot different from what I expected.  I don’t care how much you’ve babysat, how many nieces and nephews you have, being a first time parent is a shock to the system.  Luckily, I had an easy birth and I didn’t have postpartum depression.  I also had an unbeliveably good baby who really wasn’t fussy and spent most…

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School Supply Zombies

By Lesley Rousso




Wow, can you believe the summer just flew by so fast?  It seems like it was just the end of the school year and now here we are, back already.  We’re buying uniforms and shiny new backpacks.  Everyone, well at least us as parents, are excited for the new school year.  Then, we get the dreaded school supply list.  Now in years past, when all three of my kids were in elementary school or preschool, I could access the list online and get everything labeled and packed up before my little darlings set foot into school.  My daughter’s school, Palmetto Elementary (go lions) makes it even easier for us.  The PTA provides a school store, where you can buy the entire list for the grade level and pick it up, neatly packaged just for you, the week before school begins.

For my two boys, both in middle school this year, this isn’t the case.  On the first day, each teacher presents them with a class syllabus which includes a list of supplies they’ll need.  This is all fine and great but multiply it by two and you’ll want to take a gun to your head.  Nevertheless I headed to my neighborhood Staples, armed with my lists.  Now these days we are all about technology, so I decided to just take pictures of some of the lists.  This way I won’t lose them.   I’m particularly good at losing things, just ask my kids.  My keys have been missing inside the house for three days.  Thank goodness I didn’t lose the spare.

Anyway, I pull into Staples, greeted with a packed parking lot, having to walk at least a mile to get inside.  Believe me this is nothing compared to the circles I was walking in once I actually entered the store.  Now as I start shopping I see that of course, they are out of at least five of the things I need.  Or I just cannot find them.  Ask for help you say?  There is no help, everyone is busy manning the registers for the thirty plus people in line.  I know it’s a stretch, but how about having extra staff this week Staples?

So I see some people I know, doing the same thing as I am.  Then it occurs to me, we are all walking in circles, like zombies ,or morons, pushing our carts, trying to find what we need with our hundreds of different lists.  It is MINDNUMBING.  I am a shopper, by nature, by DNA.  Retail makes me happy.  I have had pure euphoria in stores.  Of course these stores usually have the words Saks Fifth Avenue in their names but whatever.  I was literally shaking in Staples.  Another thought hit me at the register.  How in the hell do people who are on a tight budget buy all this crap?  Just for one child alone it was over one hundred and thirty dollars.  I don’t blame our fabulous teachers.  They need this stuff and Miami-Dade county certainly isn’t giving them the money to buy anything extra for their classes.  I know plenty of teachers who have to spend tons of their own money just to make their classrooms what they need to be.

Wish me luck, I’m back at the store today for my oldest son.  If you don’t hear from me, check Office Depot…