It’s That Time Again

By Lesley Rousso

Tomorrow, for those of us in Miami-Dade county a magical thing is going to happen. It’s the first day of school! Now nobody loves the summer more than I do. Running around in bathing suits, going to the beach, vacationing, its the best. This summer was no exception. We had a fabulous trip to SoCal and did all of our favorite things there. The weather is so gorgeous in Cali, it should be illegal. For me to be able to run outdoors for three miles without stopping is a big thing. Those of you who workout with me know this to be the truth. I am not a fan of running, I only do it because I must. All that aside, we came back to paradise (?) to rain, lots of rain, millions of Mosquitos and ungodly hot temperatures.

Darren and I went to Atlantis in the Bahamas with our friends for a crazy weekend. That’s all I can say about that because if I reveal any details, I’ll have to kill you. I will tell you we learned to speak Klingon. Don’t ask, you’re better off not knowing.

My kids did their things, camp, swimming, hanging out with friends etc. It was all fun and games until camp ended. Dun dun dunnnnnn. People are constantly complaining about the cost of camp but honestly I spend way more money when they’re at home. My spawns, oops I mean offspring enjoy going out to lunch. I’m not talking Taco Bell here either. I’m talking real restaurants. Seventy-five dollars later and we’re off to bowling or a movie where I spend at least fifty dollars. No matter how many ridiculous school supplies and uniforms I have to buy for them, I save money when they’re at school. Now of course we had great times without spending a dime. We went in the pool. We took bike rides in a hundred degrees, we baked and cooked together, and we had a ball just watching movies and playing video games. Yes, me playing video games. Betcha didn’t see that one coming. At least those of you who don’t know me up close and personally.

So the end of our sleeping til nine and lazy summer days are almost over. It’s back to business tomorrow and that’s okay. As much as I loathe shopping for them, I love me some brand new school supplies and I love a new backpack. Tomorrow they start a new chapter. I’m back to three schools and it’s bittersweet as my first born begins, yikes, High School. It’s new teachers and friends and another year of activities. Back to carpool and pick up and drop off. My middle son becomes a Bar Mitzvah this year and so the planning begins. Busy busy busy but I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. It’s my job and honestly what I was born to do. Wishing everyone, whether it’s tomorrow or after Labor Day a wonderful 2014-2015 school year. xoxo


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