Skinnygirl vs Tipsy Girl


imagePhoto courtesy of Page Six


By Lesley Rousso


Well hello there, it’s been a while since I’ve taken pen to paper but I really felt like I must address this. Last night on The Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan introduced us to her latest business venture, Proseco she calls, Tipsy Girl. This is wrong on quite a few levels, in my opinion. Not stating the obvious just yet, does Sonja really need to be involved in yet another business? Let us not forget the toaster oven that she did a photo shoot for, yet never got around to manufacturing an actual toaster. Hey, I guess she had some great pics for her scrapbook, but come on now.  Next up for Lady Morgan was her fashion line, Sonja Morgan New York. I just checked out the website. Currently there are only a handful of items that haven’t been “sold out”. The least expensive item selling for $195.00. I don’t know about you but if I’m spending that much on a top, it’s not going to be from Sonja Morgan. In January, Miss Morgan, according to the NY Daily News announced she had plans to open a restaurant called Tipsy. She’s apparently hoping to get a show, ala LVP, out of it. Wait, there’s also Sonja in the City, a catering business.  I checked out the website and quite frankly it seems to be another excuse for a photo shoot. If anyone out there has actually used Sonja to cater their party, please let me know.

So now it comes down to Tipsy Girl. For the love of god, how did she think Bethenny Frankel would not be pissed? In next weeks preview, we see our resident Skinnygirl telling Lady Morgan off. Bethenny tells her that Tipsy Girl is a cheater brand, she takes it as a personal insult and wants nothing to do with Sonja. According to the Daily News, Bethenny filed documents to block the name Tipsy Girl and attempted to register the name herself so Sonja couldn’t use it. Now clearly, she’s not worried about Sonja surpassing her, she just doesn’t want her riding Skinnygirl’s coattails.

Poor Sonja just can’t seem to get it together. I actually feel sorry for her. Especially in light of Ramona Singer spilling the tea last night on Watch What Happens Live. Wonder what happened between the former besties that prompted Ramona to speak so poorly of Sonja. Whatever it is, it’s certainly proving to be an interesting season. Stay tuned…

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